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An easy Eight birthday party


My middle girl turned eight earlier this month. Last year we had a holiday party of crafts and wonderland including gingerbread house making with 15 girls. This year I felt like eight was meant to be easier, more intimate and something special with just a few friends. Plus this way we got to drag it […]

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Perfect holiday photos and snail mail cards

mini 013

We’ve been taking annual professional photos so long that my children have almost gotten used it. Through that experience, I’ve adapted a “let it go” philosophy and  learned the secrets to getting great photos. That does not mean they are always perfect and everyone is thrilled about taking them. A part of me accepts I might not […]

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Snapshots of Fall


It snowed here yesterday morning, so it doesn’t feel like fall anymore. But there is a few quick things and memories I want to get down before they slip away. This year we have after school activities down to a totally manageable pace. Piano lessons are on Saturdays two doors up from our house. Girls Scouts happens at […]

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Mt. Leconte tradition


October is nearing an end. But I didn’t want the story of how we spent October 1st to get lost in the shuffle of our days. Our family has a five year running tradition of hiking to the top and spending the night at the LeConte Lodge. We go with family friends and it’s not […]

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Celebrating five walks around the sun


I can’t write about the oldest turning 10 without the writing about the youngest turning five. When my oldest was turning five, her one birthday wish was not to have her sister be born on her birthday, and have to share her birthday. My due date WAS on her birthday after all. But I willed […]

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Our six backyard chickens are officially settled into the coop. The garden around the coop is still a work in progress. But you guys – we have chickens! I still can’t believe my husband (with some help from my dad) BUILT our chicken coop. My dad is a super woodworker fellow who built houses for […]

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Catching up and letting go

IMG_4451 - Version 2

Part of me wants to play catch up here, filling in all the blanks of summer days ending and school beginning. Part of me says let it go. Which probably explains why I haven’t posted in SO long. Obviously, the beach is over and school is back. I DID get first day of school photos […]

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On island time


The past three weeks I’ve been on island time. In a wonderful place where I can ride my bike to yoga, get a great cup on local coffee next door at one of my favorite places (where awesome thrift/artsy store meets quality food), then head straight over to the beach for a dip. Followed by […]

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