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Easy to make Picket Fence Chalkboard for kids

Usually we head to the beach for Spring Break. But this year my husband’s work did not allow for that. So today the kids spent the day in the backyard in their swimsuits, enjoying our warm summer-like day.

Being the daughter of a builder who grew up playing with scrap wood in the garage, I’m always inspired by an idea using wood to create something fun. Monday that something became a Picket Fence Chalkboard.

The wood was a remnant piece of plywood used by our contractor who made repairs to our garage. It just so happened that it was the perfect size to span one length of our picket fence that surrounds our backyard.  A few months back I bought a can of chalkboard paint at Home Depot, waiting for the perfect project. This was it. All I did was paint the wood and screw it to the fence with the help of an electric screwdriver.

Screwing the heavy wood into the fence by myself was a bit of a challenge. I balanced one end of the board on a kids chair turned sideways, stacked on top of an upside-down vintage metal bucket, while screwing in the opposite end. You’d laugh if you had a better visual of me doing this while wearing a dress. But hey, once in a while it’s good for the girls to see their mom being resourceful to accomplish some heavy lifting. I think.

The chalkboard was an instant hit with my girls, from ages two to seven. The youngest loved to squirt it with water, cleaning the chalk off over and over again. The middle girl got into serious drawing mode while my oldest girl oversaw the total operation. All the busy artists were in their swimsuits, so I’m keeping those photos to myself. I’m sure you understand.

Welcoming in our Spring Break Staycation today reminded me of all the reasons I love hanging at home with my girls. Seeing sisters be sisters, reading together in the sun, sharing their last bites of ice cream that was the result of a surprise early visit from the ice cream truck, having big giggles together while spraying each other with a garden hose and one cheering on the other who bravely rode her bike with no training wheels. It was simple, good, backyard fun in a perfect neighborhood kind of way.

And now we have a new sign to enjoy too! Tomorrow we’ll do some planting and get ready to officially unveil our Mud Pie Cafe, which I think will get relocated to be next to the chalkboard. Because apparently a girl needs a place to write her menu. And what better place than on a picket fence, naturally.

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  1. I love this idea,I think I may steal it! Thank you so much for linking so many of your great summer ideas with the NPN blog hop!

  2. This is super cool! I love the idea of having a chalkboard outside!


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